Ways to Enhance your Teaching Effectiveness

Knowing a lot about a particular topic does not mean that you are an effective teacher.  Being able to convey the information in a clear and concise manner that people actually understand is very important.  Others should understand what you are teaching and feel as if they can follow all the information they are getting.  Whether you are a teacher in a classroom setting or a teacher in regards to training employees, you will love the tips on how to improve. Even the best of teachers can always use a few key tips on how to improve their effectiveness. 

Incorporate Creativity – Make sure you vary the formats in your teaching.  If all of your teaching involves reading chapters and showing power point presentations, you may have a very bored classroom.  You need to switch things up to hold the attention of your students or employees if you are at work training individuals.  Consider using visual exercises, video clips, interesting games, and images to convey course material.  Show others by acting out scenarios, instead of just reading from slides.

Real World – Using real world scenarios is an exciting way to incorporate theories and book material.  If you can pull from personal experiences, it is even more meaningful to the group you are teaching.  Having individuals who work in the field they are teaching is a great way to bring experience to the classroom.

Brainstorming – Make some time for brainstorming projects in groups, where students get to spend some time thinking out loud and discussing the topic at hand.  The effect of peer teaching is very important and may be a great way to teach from afar.  Students will get a chance to discuss their opinions and converse with peers.

Go Outside – Consider lessons that could take place outside of the classroom.  If you are trying to discuss topics that occur in the real world, consider taking a field trip to really drive the concept home.  If you are building a project, go outdoors and build it in the fresh air.

Role Playing – Many lessons can be taught in a role-playing mode.  Consider acting out a historical event with students taking the lead.  Have a re-enactment of a court trial or something from the media that brings information to the class in a new and exciting way.  The students will have fun in this new role and the teacher will get a break from teaching.

Lecture at the End – Start the discussion of the day by asking students something that will lead into the topic for the day.  Have them discuss what they know about your topic, childhood experiences, and eventually lead back into the lecture.  Give them a chance to add personalized thoughts to the topic at hand.

Experiences – Think about meaningful experiences that you can incorporate into the course.  Have guest speakers that are experts in the field you are teaching.  Have students prepare a mini-presentation on something that interests them and have them lead a lecture.

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