Discovering your Talents

Everyone has at least one talent that can benefit the business world.  Many people have difficulty determining what that talent may be.  We all focus on fixing what we are lacking and forget to focus on our strengths and build from there.  We also tend to be modest and not acknowledge our exceptional skills. 

Read between the Lines

Sometimes a negative talent can actually be defined in a positive way.  Consider the fact that you have been told you are bossy.  This is perceived as negative, but looking at it from another angle can show that you are actually very confident and know how to get the job done.  Maybe you are extremely skeptical when you discuss a new idea.  Your talent may be that you think logically and question the new idea from all angles.

Recognize It

Make sure to recognize your talent and name it.  If you know you are bossy, turn it around and focus on the confidence side of things.  Use this talent in all situations where it makes sense and try to improve your understanding of your skill and how you can perfect it.

Analyze yourself

Take a personality test and determine what type of personality you have.  This type of test can help you determine what jobs you would be most successful pursuing.  It can also help you know yourself better and realize what you are capable of in life.

What do you Enjoy?

Think about a series of tasks you perform at your job in a month and categorize task you like and tasks you hate.  What do you love to do and what do you put off for later?  Think about what shows you like to watch and what things you like to do in your free time.  Maybe between all of the tasks you can find a job that may incorporate most of those tasks.  For example, maybe you are a computer programmer and you don’t really enjoy the computer tasks, but you love to teach and train.  Think about pursuing a path in teaching computer science.

Ask Others

Maybe you can’t see what your talent is, so ask others around you.  They will point out things that you excel at and they will know where your strengths lie.  Ask them to give you a task of two things you are great at and compare results from different friends.

What’s Easy?

Some things in life may come extremely easy to you and others around you struggle.  Focus on these types of tasks and you will find where your talents lie.  You may find things to be obvious in certain scenarios and can see that others are not grasping the concept.

Life’s Purpose

What is your life’s purpose and how can you fulfill that purpose doing something you love?  When you know what your true talents are, you can feel confident chasing after your dreams.  Understand what you are capable of doing and find the perfect outlet for achieving your goals.

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