Leadership Qualities

Leaders are those we turn to when we have questions or concerns about a task.  Some define a leader as someone who commands a group.  As times have changed, we realize that leaders are important, but not the only people responsible for a company’s success.  In a generation with millennials, it has become more difficult to instill passion and empowerment in the workplace.  There are some qualities and tips that can be used to improve an organization.

Integrity – Leaders that are successful will always display a level of integrity.  They will put quality in the forefront and they will always give credit where it is due.  They will always acknowledge mistakes and find ways to improve the process.  Breaking the trust your employees have is almost impossible to regain.

Enthusiasm – Being passionate about your career cannot be faked.  The enthusiasm you instill in others as a leader will be very important in getting them on board.  This type of passion is contagious and will help steer the organization in the proper direction.

Motivate – Being a leader means that you can handle all aspects of the role.  You must have charisma in all that you do.  Being an eloquent and motivating speaker is essential.  You must have excellent communication skills that keep people informed and feeling as if they have a voice in the operations.  Don’t forget to listen to your employees as well.

Loyalty – Loyalty is reciprocal and all leaders should know of the importance of having this aspect in your working relationship.  If you are a loyal leader, you will ensure that your staff has the support and training they need to be successful.  You should also stand up for your employees in times of crisis.  Make sure they are your priorities and that you respect them as individuals.

Decisiveness – As a leader, you will often need to make swift decisions.  These decisions may not always be popular, but you must be able to determine the best course of action.  Whatever decision is made, be ready to own your decision and any consequences.  One important note is to consider altering previous decisions if they don’t work out.  Never stick with a decision because you are afraid of what people will think if you change your mind.  Be decisive, but be flexible with the final outcome.

Confidence – Being a strong and confident leader is vital in a business role.  You must display confidence in whatever you pursue.  You should also have a high confidence in the ability of your employees.  Ensure that you have a vigorous and exhaustive hiring process that ensures you get the quality of employees you desire.

Optimism – It is easy to be discouraged at times, but always have the ability to see the silver lining in the clouds.  Boost your team up and provide encouraging words of wisdom for them.  Provide hope and good news, even when things are looking a little desolate.  Encourage and uplift, but let them know that hard work will always be required for success.

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