Emotional Intelligence

A newer concept, discovered in the mid 1990’s is termed emotional intelligence.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage our emotions and by doing so create a successful life.  But what is emotional intelligence and what can we do to improve ourselves?

Think About Feelings

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize emotions and their impact on you and others around you.  Learn about your emotional strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve upon them.


Another trait of those with emotional intelligence is the ability to pause before responding.  This trait is imperative to keeping your foot out of your mouth and putting yourself in embarrassing situations.  It is even more important to respond once your immediate emotions have subsided.

Benefit from Criticism

One thing that we can all do is take some time to improve when we are given an opportunity to improve.  Even if it is given in a harsh manner, take a moment to reflect on why that person may believe the statement they made about you.  Use this information to improve and make yourself better.


Being authentic can be extremely rewarding.  You don’t have to share everything about yourself to be authentic, but when you do share, make sure it comes from the heart.  Say exactly what you mean and stick to your values and beliefs.


One thing you can do to improve emotional intelligence is to empathize with others and truly try to understand where others are coming from.  Work hard to see them through their eyes and try not to judge.  You do not have to agree with other’s views on life, but you should strive to understand why they believe the things they do.

Praise Others

Never forget those who have helped you along the way.  Give praise where it is due and continuously sing the praises of those around you.  Be specific about what you appreciate from others and let them know.


Be honest in your feedback without being harsh or hurtful.  Let others know what they are struggling to achieve in your eyes.  Give them some insight on why you feel the way you to and help them improve.

Keep Commitments

Keeping your word and commitments reflects the kind of person you are.  Make sure you keep your reputation of being on-time and reliable.  Being late is a way to show you don’t value others and their time and one of the biggest insults you can give a person.

Helping Others

Taking on tasks to help others is a great way to show you truly care.  No one cares about all of the accomplishments you have made in life; they care about how you have made them feel.  They also care about your willingness to help out when it was needed.

Protect Yourself

Remember that some people can use your emotions to manipulate and control you.  Be careful and protect your heart and emotions from the dark side.  Don’t limit yourself and always try and be genuine.

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