Morning Habits of High Performers

Most people desire to perform at their highest abilities, but how do we get there?  Understanding how to get there is the true battle.  We are constantly on the go and filling our life with unnecessary tasks that end up leaving us feeling rushed and empty.  Being busy does not equate to being productive, so we have to get out of the rut of thinking that movement is actually progress.

Practice Silence

Give yourself some time in the morning to just think about life, otherwise known as meditation.  Don’t think about what you have to do each day, but think about positive things that you would like to achieve and allow it to power you throughout the day.  Set a timer and sit in silence for ten minutes and remember to not judge yourself for any of the thoughts your mind may come across.


These are statements that direct your focus on something important in your life.  Affirm what you are committed to, versus something that you know you are not going to achieve.  This is necessary to ensure your success.  Commit to what is actually possible, so you don’t fail in the end.  Visualization is another way to get in the moment and motivate yourself.  Visualize yourself getting ready for the gym and see yourself at the gym and then it will motivate you to actually get yourself to the gym.


Exercising is great for your health and the morning exercise is exactly what you need to perform during the day.  If you normally go to the gym after work, continue to do that.  But consider getting in at least 5 minutes of exercise in the morning to get your blood pressure flowing and to get your body ready for the day.  Exercise also releases plenty of endorphins that help your energy and mood improve.


We all check social media on the daily, some of us even hourly.  However, consider reading a little bit every day.  There are so many things you can read and learn about in the world and you have easy access through your phone and internet.  Think about a topic that you are most interested in and dive in.  Also, consider self-help books and what they can do to improve your day and your life.  Reading opens your mind up to new ideas and helps your brain grow and achieve even more.


Writing down goals and dreams can be a great way of putting your priorities out there.  We all have ideas and hopes, but writing them down and looking over them daily can help you succeed. Timing and adversity all take a part in helping you get to the place you want to be in life.  Accepting that you are in the right place in your life now and that you have made progress is necessary to move forward in your journey.  Appreciate all you have been through and respect the process and know that anything worthwhile will never just come easy.

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