Finishing the Job

When it comes to business, formulating a plan and following through is the key to success.  Having new ideas is great, but if they are not executed in a proper manner they may end up fruitless.  The business world is highly competitive and having so many options can be challenging.  There are some tips out there to help business leaders increase the amount of deals they close in the business world.

Connect – Regardless of the product or service you are selling, building relationships with the prospective customers is the key to building trust and closing the deal.  You want to show them you are willing to be their sales person through thick and thin and that you will serve at the highest level.  Figure out where their interests lie and use that.

Show Up – Show up when needed.  Never put clients on the back-burner or make them wait.  Show them than you care and that they are your first priority.  Putting clients first makes them feel safe and puts their faith in you to not steer them wrong.

Look Good – Make sure you show up in respectful attire and bring the best your company has to offer.  Show up with brochures and literature that can impress and not photocopies that show little time and effort went into your preparation time.

Emotional – Use emotional intelligence to tap into the emotions of your client.  Analyze their behavior and feel them out to understand where they are coming from in the deal.  If you push too hard or too fast they may decide the deal is not for them.

Honesty – Obviously being honest goes without saying.  Letting the customer know your constraints and schedule and that you may not have time to fulfill the project is way to push urgency.  Have them sign up for a spot to secure it while they decide on the deal.  This gets them in line to do business and it is easier to stick with someone they have already worked with before.

Strategy – Show the customer the entire picture when asking for the closing of the deal.  Show them the project from beginning to end and all the steps in between, including time frames and cost projections.  Letting them in on the plan is the best way to keep everyone on the same page and on board.

Let Them Talk – Many salespeople spend a lot of time trying to sell themselves and their product.  Instead, consider asking them what their goals are and why they have selected you as the business they are interesting in purchasing from.  This puts them in a position to sell themselves to you, the business.

Break it Down – Make the selling process simple.  Give them a solution to their needs by giving three points that solve the problem.  These points should be simple and exact in nature.  Tell them exactly what you are going to do and let them know that you have done it before to instill confidence in your business.

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