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Getting fit is something on all of our minds at some point during the day.  Finding time to actually work out is the problem.  That is why doing small, burst workouts may be the best option for those who have very little time to devote to an all-out workout.  The following tips will keep you active and working towards a goal for supreme fitness.


One of the most important things you can do is track your progress.  Whether you are looking to lose weight or lose inches or firm areas, keep a log and goals to achieve.  Weight is not everything, because you may start to build muscle and not lose weight, but gain definition you desire.  Set eating goals and activity goals and keep track of everything you put into your fitness desire.

Short Bursts

Many people think that if you aren’t working out for at least 30 minutes in a row that you are not getting a good workout and that it is a waste of time.  Studies have shown that doing burst workouts that only last 10 minutes throughout the week can be just as effective.  These workouts will work one muscle group and increase your ability each time you work out. 

Types of Quick Workouts

Think about walking to check the mail and then taking a 5-minute stroll.  Get in some jumping jacks for five minutes while you are waiting for the oven to preheat.  Standing pushups are a great way to workout for a few minutes while you are waiting on something to finish up.  Do some dumbbell exercises before bed or at your desk while you are working.  Get a floor bicycle that fits under your desk to workout while typing and working.  If your son/daughter is at a sports practice, take a walk around the field or throw a ball.  If you work in an office building, take a break and take the stairs.  If you are watching TV, jog in place during commercials.  Do some calf raises while you are in the elevator to get a good stretch and also a little muscle building.

Minimal Success

Striving for minimal success sounds funny, but it is true when it comes to workouts.  If you go over the top and try to do too much too fast, you will burn out and regress in your plans.  Find the path that is easy to maintain and gives you the results you want.  Don’t deprive yourself of food and fun, but find the way to combat stubborn fat and keep the weight off.  Whatever you do, make sure it is effective and something that you can adapt to for a lifestyle and not just a fad diet.


Prioritize your fitness and ensure you are getting adequate sleep and eating healthy foods to recover between workouts.  Give your muscles a break between workouts, so you don’t overuse and exhaust the muscles you have.  Switch up your routine to give your body time to heal.

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