Keeping Fit During the Holidays

One constant challenge during the year is staying fit during the holidays.  Rushing around looking for the perfect gifts can be stressful and leave very little time to plan ahead and eat properly.  Plus, the holiday treats that are passed around the family events and workplace can be very hard to pass up.  There are many obstacles that will get in the way of a healthy lifestyle this holiday season, but here are a few tips to keep you on track.

Drink Water – Make sure to drink plenty of water for health reasons.  It is also a great way to reduce your appetite.  Drinking a full glass of water before you eat will curb your appetite and keep you feeling full.  Often dehydration can be confused with hunger and cause us to overeat.

Mindful Eating – When you are eating it is imperative to eat slowly and to spend time focusing on slowing down and actually enjoying the food.  This will also aid in digestion and provide meal satisfaction.

Balance – Make sure to balance the calories throughout your day.  Some of us will save our calories for a big binge event, which is okay for every now and then.  However, this should not be the norm and binge eating high calories all at once is not usually a good idea.

Create a Plan – Plans can really help to keep you on track.  Some people like to count calories and others like to use a point system. Whatever system you use, stick to it and allow yourself some breaks in the plan for special occasions and holidays.  If your plan is too strict, you may get off track altogether.

Sleep Well – Don’t skimp on sleep because it is your body’s way of repairing damage from the day.  When you are sleep-deprived, you can often boost your hunger which causes you to consume more calories than you need.

Exercise – Obviously, exercise is extremely important during the holidays because you typically consume more calories than you need.  Even if you just incorporate a few laps around the neighborhood throughout the holiday, it will give you the edge.  Just get moving and enjoy your day by staying active, don’t make exercise a painful experience.

Boost Veggies – Make sure you fill yourself with dense vegetables that will fill you up and not cause you to take in too many useless calories.  Eating foods high in caloric content are not the best option for your health, so eat them sparingly and reward yourself with them occasionally.

Make your Home Safe – Make sure you keep the bad things out of your house.  It is very easy to give in to temptation when it is sitting on your counter looking at you.  Obviously, if you have kids, it may be harder to resist temptation with all of the wonderful snacks they may have.  Just try to keep healthy versions of snacks for everyone in the household.  You can all eat well as a family and make a difference together.

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