How to Find your Career

As you graduate from high school, you will hear over and over again the question of what do you want to do with your life?  This question is easy for some and can be hard for others.  It’s important to reflect on your interests and skills and determine which school is right for you and what specialized certification may be required to get to your ultimate career.

Career Path

A career path is comprised of your first job, college degree, and certifications.  As you grow and learn, you may move laterally or vertically as you take on management roles.  However, sometimes you switch to a different career path completely.

Outline Career Goals

You should begin with self-reflection and determine what you want form your career and what your core values include.  Think about the activities you most enjoy while working and what interests you the most.  Ask yourself what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are as well.  Career goals should be re-assessed over time as you grow personally and professionally.

Goal Plan

Once you have outlined what you are most interested in, consider creating a five-year plan where you put milestones in place for your career.  Research the job titles and responsibilities of individuals in that field and determine what you need to achieve the different levels.

Personality Type

Knowing your personality type, which is a set of personality traits that are grouped together, can help you determine what careers are best suited for you and your unique personality.  One great personality test is the Myers-Briggs test that gives an introspective view of your psychological preferences.

Previous Positions

Reflect on previous positions you have held and determine what role you enjoyed most or what aspects of your job you enjoyed.   Also, consider which positions left you fulfilled and made you happy to go to work every day.

Job Requirements

As you get closer to the job of your dreams, consider what educational requirements are needed for the position.  Then analyze your own education and determine where you fit in the job family.  If you don’t see yourself progressing easily without more education, consider if you are willing to go to school to improve your chances of landing the best job possible.

Core Values

Identify your core values and what you must have to feel that you are making a difference in the world.  What field can you work in that will make a difference to you and the world and make you content in your career?  Now determine what type of business you want to work for and ensure they share the same values as you do.


Always consider what your dream career pays.  Is the payment you will receive enough to sustain the lifestyle you desire?  Will you be able to climb the ladder with the experience and education you have?  Will the amount of you money you make be worth the investment you are going to make to get the career in the first place, especially considering college costs?

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