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Many of us plan on sending our kids to college to get a degree, because that is the standard path to success.  However, in this day and age, we are forgetting that many trades do not require a traditional degree and we are starting to see a drop in the number of tradesmen in the workforce.  Therefore, it may be time to consider other options for our children’s future.  The jobs below are in high demand and many do not require any formal training to obtain.

Home Health Aide

There are a growing number of individuals that want to live independently, but still need a bit of medical help and monitoring.  Home health aides are in high demand and they do not require a traditional college degree, most just require a certification.  Their job is to care for those that cannot care for themselves completely.

Construction Worker

This is a field that is always in need of workers.  There is no need for a degree and most agencies just require a high school degree or GED.  If you train for a vocational trade, you may be a bit more marketable.

Truck Driver

There will always be a need for goods to be transported across the United States and truck drivers are the way the goods get delivered.  There are no formal education requirements to become a truck driver, but you will want to have a good driving record and pass the commercial driver’s license exam.  You also must be able to pass sporadic drug and alcohol tests.

Medical Technologist

This field is dedicated to maintaining and operating medical equipment and analyzing biological specimens.  A medical technologist degree is required for this position, but most programs are combined with practicum experience as well.

Web Developer

Obviously, anything involving the internet is highly profitable.  Developing websites and security for those sites is a highly sought-after career field.  For this position, an Associate’s degree is required and proficiency in JavaScript and HTML is also very helpful.

Security Guard

With the turmoil in the United States and the safety of citizens being threatened, the need for security has heightened.  Security guards do not require a degree and they can be commissioned or non-commissioned.  If you are commissioned, you will have to go through law enforcement-type training, but the pay will increase for this level of training.

Delivery Specialist

Due to the pandemic, we now require deliveries for more than just pizza.  We require medical supplies, groceries, and many other items to be delivered to our home.  Delivery drivers can make quite a bit of money by working as contractors for these companies.  There are no educational requirements, you just need a driver’s license, a car, and insurance.

Non-Profit Fundraiser

There are many non-profit organizations that need help funding their charity.  They often hire individuals without a degree to help with their fundraising.  Being well-organized and willing to speak with many individuals to ask for money is a requirement for this type of position.

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