Personal Fulfillment

Finding your purpose and what is going to make you happy can be a challenging endeavor in this life.  The personal fulfillment that you get from life will not be the same as others.  Fulfillment comes from within and cannot be taught or coached.  It is a lifelong process that never ends and it requires a ton of searching and looking for who you are as a person and determining what truly makes you happy.

Why is it Important?

This journey to self-discovery is imperative for you to grow as a person.  It is about achieving goals and pursuing dreams that matter to you and not that matter to others or society.  The focus is on you growing as an individual and improving humanity as a whole.  We must gain a sense of clarity to determine what our role in life is and how we are going to make a difference.  It challenges us to make decisions that make us better humans.

Why is it Difficult?

Finding your true path can be difficult, due to society’s pre-determined goals for success.  Society tells us that we should be something big and great and that we should go to college and have a family.  Therefore, to please our parents we go to college and to please our spouse, we start a family.  We get stuck in the middle of what we should be doing and what we truly want to be doing.  What if you decide that you are content being single and that you don’t want to bring any more children into the world?  Just because you don’t fit into the stereotypical mold does not mean you will not be personally fulfilled.  Realizing that life comes with pain and disappointment is important.  If you resist pain, you actually cause more suffering instead of acceptance, which can impede on your personal fulfillment over time.

How do you Achieve it?

First, you have to be ready for personal fulfillment and be willing to accept the tasks that may not be popular with the rest of the world.  Listen to your inner voice and truly think about what you find joy doing and the type of person you want to ultimately be in life.  The path may not lead you to riches and it may make you uncomfortable at times.  Try out some new things and practice the feelings you have about the new event or action.  Being vulnerable is extremely hard to do, but something that can truly open you up to personal achievements that lead to enlightenment.  Take action today and really consider how you can touch others and give back to the community in a way that makes you feel fulfilled. 

In the end, the world is a better place if people are consistently experimenting and trying to gain personal fulfillment in a way that is now selfish or fleeting.  By working together as a team, we can create a world that is full of possibilities.

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