How to Live in a Way People Will Remember

When you die, the material things in life fall away and you wonder if you actually had an impact on anything that was real or anybody that was close to you.  The way you live your life and the people you touch can create a legacy that lives on after you die.  The top things people strive to have said at their funeral can be found below.

“The world is a better place because of them” – This is a very common statement made about our loved ones who have departed.  Every day is a chance to live life positively and give back to others.  Our children should be a reflection of ourselves and loving and generous.  Remember everything you do in life is observed by your family and you should be setting a positive example.

“They knew what was important in life” – This statement is very important, because no amount of money will show people that you understood the important aspects of life.  No one ever dies and says they wish they worked more or longer.  Most people will say they wish they spent more time with their family and friends.  Building and maintaining relationships is a priority and the most important aspect of life.

“They were faithful” – Regardless of your religion or beliefs, being a faithful person to your family is incredibly admirable.  Believing in a set of morals and ethics will be something that people remember about you and respect.  Faithfulness extends to family, business, and finances.  Showing that you are honest and reliable is something they will remember when you pass.

“They lived life to the fullest” – This is something that people will always remember when they think of you, also known as your passion for life.  Show the world that you love to travel, enjoy your children, taste foods, listen to music, and enjoy all that life has to offer.  Show others that you are happy and thrive in positivity.

“They left their family well-equipped to survive” – Be someone who leaves their family well-cared for and emotionally stable.  Shower them with love and lessons on responsibility and integrity.  Be the pillar of the community that they can honor and respect.  Leave them the necessary financials and the necessary traits to have a successful and positive life, even after you have left this earth.

“They lived without regrets” – As we age, we start to think about the things that we never accomplished or things that we wished we had seen or experienced.  You will not be able to experience everything the world has to offer, but you should be satisfied in general about major life choices.  Live every day to the fullest and strive to achieve goals you have set for yourself.  Be the best human you can be on this earth and raise great humans to take your place after you’re gone.  Leave your mark on the world and be remembered for all the good you have done.

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