How to Meet and Date More People

Your life can be very rewarding if you have a great family, good friends, and a great job.  However, you may feel as if you are missing that special person in your life.  With the busy-paced lifestyle we lead, it may be hard to find someone to truly connect with on a deep level.  Here are some tips on how to meet the right person for you in the dating world.

Look in Common Places – If you like to work-out, then consider keeping your eyes open at the gym.  If you are an avid reader, then maybe frequent the library.  If you are religious, consider looking at a church in your area or joining a bible study group.  The point is to frequent places that will ensure you share common beliefs and interests. 

Happy Hour – Most people don’t recommend hanging out at bars to find the love of their lives, but if a friend or co-worker invites you to a happy hour, go.  When you go to an outing with a group of friends, they just may invite some people you haven’t met yet.  This could open the door to new possibilities.

Facebook events – When you notice that a friend or acquaintance is going to a public event, like an art show, festival, or local bookstore reading, consider going to the event.  You won’t be completely alone, because you know your friend will be attending.  It may be a great way to meet someone, but make sure the event is something you actually enjoy.

Volunteer – There is nothing sexier than someone who gives back to their community.  You will do your part as a good citizen and you will meet someone who shares that common sense of morality.  This volunteerism is a great way to give back and maybe find someone in return.

Don’t Hide – Many of us hide behind our phones or books when we are in public at a coffee bar or on a plane.  Random conversation with a stranger could be a way into finding your soulmate.  Strike up conversation if you feel inclined and consider that everyone you meet may know someone you want to meet in the future.

Walk a Dog – Maybe the dog is your own or maybe it’s a friend’s dog, but take it for a walk.  When you have a dog with you, it is an open invitation for someone to spark up a conversation by asking what type of dog it is and what its name is.  This creates a way to have a conversation without having to be too forward or direct.

Take a Class – There are so many things that you can learn as a hobby or to better yourself.  Maybe you want to learn how to cook a new cuisine or need more help with a computer program.  Take a course at your local community college or through a local arts center to meet someone that has the same interest as you and if nothing else you have learned something new.

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