Healthy Relationship Tips

Healthy relationships have been proven to improve your health and reduce stress.  Each relationship in your life will be a little different, but there are basic qualities that can be carried through each relationship to ensure it is healthy and mutually beneficial.

Be Real

When you have a relationship, make sure you are realistic about what to expect from that person.  No one is perfect and the expectations you have for people should be fair to ensure you don’t face disappointment or an unachievable relationship goal. Do not try and change someone to accommodate your needs, accept them for who they are.


Staying in touch and talking and listening are crucial to a healthy relationship. Take the time to check in on people and ask how they are doing.  Discuss their life goals and plans and actively listen and do not sit and think about what you are going to say next, listen fully.  Ask questions to further understand what they are telling you and also divulge some of your own personal information to let them know who you are and where you come from.

Be Flexible

Healthy relationship will undergo some sort of change and you have to be flexible.  If you had a friend that you used to go out with on the weekends that gets married, your relationship will likely go through a change.  Realize that your relationship is still important, but that they have taken on a new partner in their life and this will take some time away from your relationship.

Be Dependable

Be the type of person that your friends can count on.  Realize that if you make plans with someone that you need to respect their time and friendship.  Do not show up late and do not keep them waiting on a response from you.  If you enjoy your friendship, show them you are excited to show up and spend time with them.

Fight Fair

All relationships will come with a bit of turmoil.  You can disagree on things and still be friends.  Cool down before you start discussing a sensitive topic.  Share how you feel on a topic and speak clearly and honestly from the heart.  Take responsibility for any wrongs you may have in the argument and apologize.  Recognize that you may not be able to solve every disagreement and that you may not always be in alignment with other’s beliefs.

Be Positive

Make sure to give positivity to your relationship partner. Compliment them on their behavior, success, new dress, attitude and everything in between.  Make sure they know how special they are to you in your relationship.

Be Yourself

Realize you are unique and that you may not mesh well with certain people.  Continue to be yourself and slowly build your tribe.  There are always going to be people out there that enjoy the things you do and that have the same sense of humor and beliefs as you do.  Seek people out that allow you to be yourself.

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