Tips to Gain Humility

Humbleness or humility are one trait in the same.  This trait involves the quality of modesty and being unpretentious.  This trait is highly desirable in the world and people that convey humbleness are often some of the best people in the world.  Humility does not mean you have a low self-esteem, but that you recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

Accept Yourself

Accepting yourself is the first step to developing humility.  You must be comfortable in your own skin and be willing to grow and fail at times.  You must believe in yourself.


A key quality of those who are humble are that they actively listen.  Draw out the feelings of others and the values that they have.  Enable others to express their true self.


This trait involves accepting what is and not judging harshly.  You may understand where you exceed expectations, but you also understand where you fall short.  This doesn’t mean you don’t strive to improve over time.


Count your blessings and be thankful for all you have, instead of dwelling on the negative aspects.  Take time to stop and be humble and appreciate the world around you.

Ask for Help

It can be prideful to not ask for help when you need it.  Being able to reach out to others is imperative to being an excellent and humble individual.  It does not show weakness if you have questions or concerns.   It shows you care enough to ask the questions that matter, even it shows that you are not as educated on a subject as others thought.

Realize you are Human

We are all human and we all make mistakes and fall short of perfection.  However, don’t be prideful and believe that you are above the law or above moral issues causing problems in your life.  We are all tempted in one way or another and we all can fail at times.


Make sure you are not boasting about accomplishments.  If you are truly remarkable, others will see that and hopefully appreciate that.  If you are telling others about your greatness, it comes off as conceited and arrogant.  The only time that it is actually acceptable to discuss your achievements is when you are asked to do so, usually in an interview or award scenario.

Stay Busy

Stay busy with your own life. Make memories, make progress and do well in your own life and do not compare yourself to others and how their life compares to yours.  Remember, you do not have anything to prove to anyone in this life.

Seek Carefully

Do not seek admiration and love from others.  Love yourself and love others and it will be reciprocated.  Realize your self-worth and understand that everything else will fall into place.  Seeking confirmation from others is dangerous and can be very difficult if you don’t receive it.

Difficult Tasks

Always choose the difficult tasks and put your entire effort into these tasks.  Never take the easy assignments and never perform subpar work.  Show up and be there at your best.

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