Trust in Business Relationships

All relationships are built on trust.  Trust is the responsibility imposed on a person in whom confidence or authority is placed.  Trust can be built slowly, but it can be broken in an instant.  In today’s competitive business market, you can’t afford to lose the trust of your customers.  If your customers doubt your credibility or question your business practices or motives, you may lose them forever.  Any business requires relationships and since relationships require trust, it is imperative that you create a bond with customers to keep them.  The trust built with one customer can lead to many more customers in referrals.  Here are trust-building tips to help grow your business.

Reliability – Reliability means that you have a trustworthy quality.  It means that clients can count on you when they need a product or a service.  Returning phone calls and emails promptly is one way to show you are reliable and will do what is required of a business.  Be upfront and honest when dealing with your customers.  Stay in contact and keep your customers in the loop as consistency is the key to success. 

Authenticity – Authenticity means being genuine or actually being what is claimed.  When it comes to business it means being fully trustworthy and acting in an honest manner.  You should be using your skills and talents in your business role.  Your job at your company shouldn’t feel like work, because of your love for your position at your company.  Listen to what your clients want and try your best to always accommodate.

Be Direct – Make sure that you are bring all cards to the table when dealing with customers.  Problems can arise with any business and how you choose to deal with issues will determine the success of your business.  Remember that customer contact starts on the front line and they must be trained to handle customers and issues in a respectable and efficient manner.  How your staff handles customer issues can make or break your company.

Respect – Every relationship involves a strong foundation.  When you show respect to your clients, they will learn to trust you.  Be respectful with your client’s time and provide guidance that you would want to be given.  Always treat your clients as you would want to be treated and the golden rule may just pay off for you.

Go Above and Beyond – Deliver what you have promised and then take that extra step to give even more.  Meet and exceed your customer’s expectations to build a strong and trusting relationship.  If you promise three to five day shipping, get it there in two days.  If you ship a package with a quantity of 12, consider throwing in an extra item to show your gratitude for their loyalty.  Businesses thrive due to loyal customers and great products with great services.  Word-of-mouth advertising is priceless if it is positive in nature.  When people recommend your business, it is free advertising from a trustworthy source.

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