How to Love Deeply

There are many ways to show you love another human being; however, there is a difference between loving someone and loving deeply.  Buying loved one’s gifts can be a way to show you care, but you can do better and show you love them in a better, non-commercial way.

Relish – Take the time to appreciate and think about your relationship and embrace the love you have between one another.  Think about how you met and remember landmark events.  Remember how lucky you are and don’t take a second for granted.

Trust – Loving deeply means that you trust the relationship and you let go of fears of getting hurt.  Go all in when it comes to your relationship and give everything.  This is the only way you can truly love deeply and gain love fully from your partner.

Build – You cannot stay dormant and stagnant, so take the time to build your relationship and grow.  Spend the day doing something together as a couple that helps you grow.  Set goals with each other and talk about your feelings. 

Give – Don’t measure how much you give and how much your partner gives.  Give like there is no limit and no one is keeping score.  You should want to give your all to your partner and enjoy doing so.  Giving back to your partner is the best way to give back to yourself, especially because you should operate as a team.

Adore – Adore each other and compliment them to show them you still notice them and still care.  Cherish their quirks and give them the support they desire.  Regardless of the mundane cycles that may occur in life, find ways to show them you care and give little reminders to keep the love alive.

Support – There is nothing more important than supporting your partner in all of their goals and dreams.  Sometimes this support can be harder than imagined, especially if their dreams end up costing your family time or money.  The support and love of your partner are crucial to ensure they feel you are cheering them on in life.  Look past your comfort level and realize their dreams may require a little bit of sacrifice on your end.

Be Consistent – Don’t try to woo your partner at the beginning and once you snag them stop the chase.  The chase should continue and you should never stop giving flowers and writing notes to let them know how you appreciate them.  Consistency is the key to a long and healthy marriage.  Never stop trying to win them over with your loving thoughts.

Be the Best You – It is also important that you take care of yourself and be the best you that you can be.  Being happy in your life will also make your partner happy.  Ensure that you are healthy, so you can live a long and prosperous life with the partner of your dreams.  Self-care is necessary if you are going to be the best for your partner.

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