Tips on Compassion

Being a blessing to others, especially during this era can be vitally important.  Compassion is greater than the gift of empathy or sympathy.  Compassionate people don’t just feel empathy and sympathy, they are actively helping to alleviate suffering of others.  Their compassionate efforts can help those feelings turn into actions and actual solutions.


Put yourself in the shoes of others.  Think about others and what they may be experiencing and enjoy putting others first.  Get rid of selfish behavior and start caring about what makes others happy.


It is completely fine to be proud of yourself and achievements, but those accomplishments should not make you feel superiors to those around you.  You must admit mistakes and learn to forgive those around you.  Your heart must be open and ready to listen to be able to know how to help others.


It can be hard to love some people, but you need to stop judging others and expecting them to meet your needs and standards.  Instead, support them and let them know the great qualities they possess and give them a chance to change on their own terms.

Listen Carefully

Do not ignore people when they talk to you.  Avoid the habit of waiting for their story to end so you can begin yours.  Do not talk too much and allow people to truly express themselves.  Listen to their stories and try to really connect and understand where they are coming from.

Feel Pain

Showing compassion to others means feeling the pain they are feeling and finding ways to comfort them when they are suffering.  Offer them help and determine what you can do to ease their pain during their heartbreaking loss.


Make sure you are not supporting those that cause harm to others.  You must protect your friends from people who are causing them pain and this can be touchy, because some people have a hard time letting go of bad relationships.   Promote peace and try to minimize conflict.


Being generous is not the same thing as being kind.  You can buy people gifts all of the time, but if your heart is not in the right place, it will not be compassionate.  Think about sending little notes or emails or texts on important dates that mean something to your friends.


Take the time to truly appreciate others and their contribution in your life.  Be grateful for the efforts and let them know how important they are to you and don’t take anyone for granted.


Trusting others can be quite the challenge, but you must give your trust.  Let your husband know you trust him and believe in his loyalty.  Let your children know you love them and trust their judgement, even when you know they will make mistakes.  Trust your parents and the life they have given you.


Be patient with those you love.  The young are still learning and the old need help with everything new in the world.  Understand their weaknesses and give them time to learn.

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