How to Rejuvenate Creativity

Creativity is something that cannot be bought, but rather something that comes about naturally and when it is ready to flow it will.  Although you can’t make creativity come forth, there are some ways to boost it and help with problem solving in a new way.

Stay Committed – There must be a passion for commitment when it comes to creativity.  Making goals and scheduling time to complete those goals will ensure that creativity makes a place in your world.

Research – Take the time to immerse yourself in the topic you are looking to harness the power of creativity within.  This means to spend time researching and understanding the topic, so that you have the ability to think of innovative ways to create.

Journal/Mind Map – Write down ideas and mind maps that show the connections your brain is having when it comes to the topic at hand.  The map will show several different ways to approach the same idea.  This can help to spark new and innovative ways to see the topic.

Change your Location – Many times ideas come to us through our environment.  Changing your location and changing your scenery can provide insight to new ideas.  These new sights will change your perspective and hopefully boost your creativity.

Feedback – Take the time to talk about your ideas with others.  Others will give you great feedback that may spark other ideas.  Discussing things out loud will also help you determine the worth of your thoughts.  Feedback is so critical to the success of ideas.

Don’t Wait – Make sure to find things that inspire you.  Don’t wait around for inspiration to hit, because you will be waiting around forever.  Find every day activities that will cause a spark of creativity.  Leave your TV and choose to walk over driving and really enjoy the scenery.

Think Before Sleep – Make sure to think while you are lying in bed.  Most people’s thoughts come to life when you are still and in the dark.  Let everything else fade that is around you and focus on new thoughts.  These thoughts will marinate as you sleep and you may just wake up with some amazing new ideas.

Meditate – When you are mentally stuck, it is a great practice to meditate and focus.  This promotes divergent thinking, which is a perfect state to be in if you want to generate new ideas. It is also great for your health to give your body some time to rest and relax.  Your brain is definitely a muscle that should be exercised.

Music – Listen to music to tap into your creativity.  Music can increase your mood and enhance your thoughts.  Classical music can boost your creativity and clear your mind from other things and other ideas.  Music stimulates creativity, emotions, and motor actions.

Creativity Chest – Make a treasure chest of things that inspire you. Maybe it is quotes or photos, but whatever it is make it special.  When you open the box, you should be inspired.

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