Tips On Practicing Self-Inquiry

Many people are not really sure what self-inquiry is all about, but it is also known as meditation, which is more well known.  When meditating, you access deeper brainwave states.  This is accomplished by clearing distracting thoughts, reducing stress, and sharpening your thinking.  Meditation helps you get your emotions under control as well. 

Get Comfortable 

The best way to get in tune with yourself is to get comfortable.  Get into a nice chair or sit on the floor. Your comfort is paramount in getting in a relatively calm position and letting your mind relax. 

Same Time, Same Place 

One of the most effective ways to get your mind into the right space is to get into a routine.  Make your room and your space simple and make sure that the routine triggers the mind out of the left-brain zone and into the right brain side of things. 

Sit Tall 

Make sure you straighten your spine and sit in a chair or against a wall if that helps you lengthen your spine.  This lengthening of the spine will improve circulation and keep you alert. 

Start Slow 

When you are beginning meditation, 10 minutes will feel like forever.  Slowly increase your time until you can sit still and calm for up to 30 minutes.   


Focusing on breathing is the anchor for the mind.  All you need to do is notice the rising and falling of the chest as you breathe.  You should also follow your breath from intake and how it goes throughout the body until it is completely released. 


Make sure you take mindfulness with you after you meditate.  Form a plan for the rest of your day and keep on task to get through the day successfully. 


Finding someone else that meditates is a great way to keep your head in the game.  They should not necessarily meditate with you, but at least be someone to speak with about the process.   

Be Nice 

Meditation is about you and yourself.  It is imperative to be nice to yourself and treat yourself well.  Surrender to your inner voices and determine what keep you moving in the positive direction. 


Make sure you are practicing as often as you can.  Give yourself some time to focus on meditation and yourself and don’t cheat yourself out of your time. 

Don’t Worry 

Don’t worry that you may or may not be doing it right.  You take your time and you work on de-stressing yourself and learn what works for you and not what everyone else is doing.  This is your time to shine and there are no real rules, just relax and let your mind wander to a calm state. 


When you are done, smile.  You have accomplished a calm and nourishing task that is priceless to your overall health.  Meditation is a wonderful way to combat stress and outside factors that influence your life.  Take a moment to relax and reset and you will see improvements in your life. 

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