How to Open your Mind to New Possibilities

Many times we become comfortable with what we know and shut out new ideas and new thoughts.  It is not because we are necessarily close-minded, but because we are scared of the unknown and change.  Just imagine if you never gave the internet a chance and decided it was too scary to consider incorporating into your business.   Well, you wouldn’t be in business anymore, that’s for sure.  We must stay open-minded and be adaptable as the business world changes and grows.

Don’t be Scared; No one is Watching – Don’t let fear define you in the business world.  Nobody gets ahead by taking the easy road and making safe decisions.  Step out of your comfort zone and don’t let fear dictate your future.

Growth – You won’t grow if you don’t try.  You must take leaps of faith at times to ensure that you are willing to try something new and change the direction of growth.  This may take you away from what you know. 

Try New Things – If you have always wanted to bake or learn to fly a plane, do it.  The opening of your mind to new things can actually cause you to think from a new perspective.  This will help you in the way you approach business and the way you approach life.  Take on some new tasks and try some new things to broaden your horizons.

Visualize – Think about who you want to be and follow suit.  Look at what that individual does and how they do it.  Take notes and consider what they are doing right and learn how to incorporate that behavior into your life.

No Restrictions – There should not be restrictions on who you are and what you can achieve.  Nothing should be off the table and you should be able to learn about whatever it is that could be holding you back.  Create the experiences you desire and move forward.

Be Positive, Lose the Negative – Keep your thoughts and your ideas in a positive light.  Tell yourself you can do it and focus on the goals you have set to get to where you want to be.  Lose the negative self-talk and stop cutting yourself short.  If you are not good at something, learn how to improve or ask for help.

Empathy – Show others mercy and compassion, just like the saying do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Understand their intentions and try to realize what they are going through in life.  Taking the time to identify with others will allow you to understand people better and see the world in a new light.

You have the Power – No matter the change you are looking to make, you have the ultimate say and power.  If you think you can’t do it because it costs too much or it is not the right time, those are just excuses.  You have the power to be who you dream of being with a little hard work.

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