Attitude and Life

Attitude is way of thinking or even a feeling about a thing or a person.  Attitude is what influences an individual’s responses to given situations and challenges they may encounter.  We may encounter a situation as a group, but how we individually respond has to do with our attitude and personal experiences.  For instance, the loss of a home due to a fire could send one person into turmoil and despair with a negative attitude, while another person may take it positively as a blessing to have remained safe and healthy.  Attitude makes the difference in the same situation.

Wake up Right – Those who wake up with a negative outlook are often doomed for the rest of the day.  If you wake up with a purpose and a positive outlook on life, you will have a better chance at a great day.

Remember you are in Control – What we believe to be true inside, will be visualized outside the world.  You cannot control the outer world and things that may come your way; however, you can control the way you allow the outside world to affect you.  You decide how you are going to react to any given situation.

Don’t Let Others Judge – You are the best person to judge yourself and how you are doing.  Allowing others to judge you and believing in what they think takes away your own power.  You should not care what other’s think, unless you agree with them.  No one can define you, unless you let them.

Keep Cool – People will always test your attitude, but do not feel the need to react in a negative manner, just because of people’s actions.  In the end, you are the one that loses if t you react in a negative manner that causes you to lose your cool.

Enjoy the Small Things – We obviously know how to enjoy the big things, like vacations, marriages, and pay raises.  The key is to take pleasure in the small things like a beautiful sunset, a great piece of cake, and lighter traffic than usual on your way home after work.

Smile – When you smile, people around you smile.  Take a moment to smile at others around you and watch the infection of happiness spread.  Smiling actually releases serotonin and endorphins that are the happy hormones.  When your body is being infected with happy hormones, it makes your attitude positive as well.

Surround yourself with Positive People – When the people around you are full of energy and happiness consider what it will do to your mood.  Happy people tend to enjoy spending time with other happy people.  If you have a negative friend, try and distance yourself to ensure that negative mood doesn’t wear off on you.

Be Curious – When you are confronted with people or situations that are different from what you know, be open to learning something new.  There may be instances where you are uncomfortable, but having a positive attitude and being mindful of others is the key to life.

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