Work from Home Tips During the Pandemic

Working from home has become a necessary part of the coronavirus pandemic.  This can be a challenge to say the least.  This sudden change has now become an extended period of time rather than a day here and there and even worse, is we have no idea when it will end.


This may sound silly, because you are at home, but get dressed.  You may have virtual meetings and things that require you to be presentable from the waist up, but you should dress fully for the part.  Putting on clothes can make you feel human and draw the line from being at work and being at home.


Another important thing to do is to designate a workspace, because the lines can become blurry.  Make your workspace comfortable and find an area that has good lighting.  Once you get in your workspace you can start your day and put your outside world to the side.  Make sure to pack up your work each evening and make sure you spend time away from your workspace.

Define Work Hours

You must make sure to designate work hours and try to stick to your schedule.  It can be much easier to be sidetracked when you are at home, so stick to your regular schedule and allow for breaks.  Once your break is complete get back to work.  If there are others in your home when working, you may need to go to a separate space.


Normally, you drive into work and have time to get ready for work to occur.  Now, you just wake up and start working, so try building a transition into work time event.  Maybe listen to some music, get a coffee, or read the news.  Whatever it is, make sure you ease into your work schedule for the day.


Distraction is one of the biggest challenges facing people who work from home.  The television can be a big distraction and checking your phone can be another problem.  When you are at home, you don’t have bosses and other employees monitoring your work activity.  This is when your integrity is important, as you don’t want to be accused of time clock fraud.


Develop a plan for your week and ensure that your boss and others are aware of your plan.  Check in and ensure that you are keeping up with the work and that others do not require anything from you.  Stay vigilant on email and reach out if you need help.  If you do go into work, check to see that no one needs anything from you for their work.  There may be facets to the job that can only be done hands-on.


One thing that is lacking is socialization.  When everyone starts working from home, there are no people to break the monotony of work.  Make sure to keep in contact with co-workers and maybe throw in a zoom meeting or two to see each other face-to-face.

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