How to Raise a Well-Rounded Child

Obviously, we all want our children to grow up and become successful adults.  We also want them to stay out of trouble and be kind human beings.  This is often better said than done.  There is not a magic formula out there that guarantees success.  There are many parents out there and experts that agree on some important ways to get well-rounded children.


Your child’s socialization skills will determine the skills they have in adulthood.  Teaching your kids how to behave in public, listen without interrupting, share with others, thank others, and help out without being asked to is a wonderful way to start them out on a path towards success.

Allow Them to Think

Many parents out there want to help their kids to the point of hurting them.  Helicopter parenting teaches kids that their parents will come to the rescue and fix all their problems for them, which is not the reality.  It also sets them up for failure because they will be looking for someone to bail them out of every situation, which isn’t realistic.  Let your child make mistakes and solve problems on their own. This is not easy to do, because you will want to step in and help, but you need to let them grow their own wings and fly.


Read to them and start with the fundamentals of math when they are young.  As they get older, let them work on their homework independently and only step in if they ask for help.  They will develop their brain and their homework habits and become better students.

Screen Time

This is a big push to keep your kids off of electronics and televisions.  Too much screen time is linked to childhood obesity, behavioral issues, and irregular sleep patterns. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that screen time should be limited to 2 hours a day.  If they are using a computer, try and get them to at least play games and watch things that are learning based.

High Expectations

Shoot for the moon with your children.  Expect the best from them in academics, sports, and future careers.  Children that have parents that expect great things are usually pretty great.


Praise your children for the good things they do.  Do not praise them for the innate qualities they possess.  If they are naturally athletic, don’t tell them they are just naturally great, tell them you are proud of their practicing and dedication to the game.  Never praise children for the way they look, as this is not something they have control over.


Assign chores to your children and let them know that they must contribute to the household, just like the parents do.  Chores are beneficial to childhood development, starting as young as 3 or 4.

Don’t Tune Out

The age of the phone and internet can cause us to tune out as parents. Make sure that you are focused on your child and asking them about their day and all that goes along with that.  They must believe you are present and interested in their life.

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