Tips on Raising an Athlete

Your children are an investment and you should pour into them as much as you possibly can.  Money can only buy so much when it comes to your little athlete.  Genetics are usually the most important facet of your child’s ability to excel in sports.  However, practice and coaches can improve what genetics didn’t give your little athlete.  You may not end up raising a professional athlete, but you will raise a well-rounded child that has a love for the game.


One thing to consider doing is reflecting on the day of practice or of a game.  Ask your child how they think things went and what worked well and what could be improved upon.  Also, make sure to compliment them on something you noticed they were doing well.  Reflection is the best way to learn from mistakes and grow.


Let your child take the lead in what sports they want to play.  You may have been an excellent soccer player and want your child to follow in your footsteps; however, if your child isn’t feeling the soccer vibe, do not force them into playing that sport.  If they aren’t very good at a sport, consider extra side coaching and give them all the practice they can stand.


 Make sure that your child is truly having fun in the sport. Once they stop having fun, they should not be in that sport any longer.  To excel in a sport, you must have a love and passion for the sport.  If you are going to dedicate many hours a week to a sport, it better be something you love.

Internal Motivation

No matter what you do or how many coaches you have teaching your child, the motivation to do better and play at a top level has to come from within.  Your child must want to do better and be better or they will never truly play at the top of their game.


Let your child be their own worst critic.  Let them reflect on what they could have done better and strive to do better.  Self-reflection is completely necessary to get to the next level.


Teach your child to be a great teammate.  Make sure that they are encouraging others and working well with others.  If your child cannot work well with others, they will not truly be successful.  It is also imperative that they are coachable and ready to learn.

Various Sports

Make sure they are playing various types of sports. Playing a variety of team sports and individual sports are known to improve an athlete.  Never limit your child to one sport without giving a few other sports a shot.  You may find that your child is a natural athlete in a sport you never thought about.


Your child must learn the skills they need for the sport before they become competitive.  Try to let them enjoy the game and learn it before you start pushing them into a competitive level.

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