Public Speaking in Business

Many people are scared of speaking in front of others and actually have it on their top list of things they would not like to do.  However, having the gift to speak publicly is an amazing bonus in the world of business.  Having a way with words can win more people to your cause.  Public speaking is one of the best ways to get your product out there and get people talking.

Why is it Important?

It is how we learn and how we inform others of our goals or even to entertain.  The spoken word is so much more valuable than the written word.  Public speaking will improve confidence and the ability to better research skills. 

How to Get Better?

Now that you know that public speaking is important, try and find some ways to get better at conveying your thoughts through the world of public speaking.  The first step is to spend time writing the speech.  The speech should be convincing and full of charisma.  Then think about ways to overcome the fear of speaking.  Try to focus on what you are saying and not the faces of others looking at you.  Then spend tons of time practicing the speech.  Taking time to practice your speech will increase your familiarity and will help your speech go more smoothly.  Practicing will make almost perfect.

Public Speaking and Leaders

Leaders in business can speak to others and truly inspire.  Keeping an audience engaged is one of the hardest things to do.  Public speaking builds confidence and helps business leaders network and discuss ideas with others.  Being comfortable with your product and being able to field questions is a talent that should be highly perfected.  Valuable leaders are also effective listeners.  Anyone can speak and give a ton of information, but being able to answer questions and keep your talk moving at a proper speed is a great way to keep the audience’s attention.  Public speaking also allows you to be a better critical thinker.  Preparing effective presentations requires research and the ability to think like your audience.  By performing lectures, you will gain a better understanding of your audience.  When you know the audience you are speaking to, you can anticipate the questions and have highly-crafted responses ready.  Public speaking also develops your ability to persuade others.  Learning how to pitch to a client is a very imperative skill to have in the business world.

Speaking at Work

It is also very important to be able to speak with your employees and instill confidence in all that you do.  By having the gift of speech, it can open doors to greater things.  It will help your employees believe in all that you state.  Listening to your employees is also a great way to harbor open relationships, which can improve the productivity and confidence in your employees.  Use your voice in the workplace, but also use your ears to hear what is being discussed.

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