Team Building in Business

Team building exercises always seem like a fun way to get a group of people together.  Team building activities are not meant to be business or company policy meetings, but a time for your people to get to know one another in a non-work-related manner.  Doing an activity that is fun and intriguing is a way to boost morale and foster an engaging environment.  These activities build trust and respect.

Why Team Building

The biggest benefit is encouraging employees to get to know each other outside of work.  Team building also releases tension and allows people to be more of who they are.  Connections will form and bonding will occur, which helps in the workplace.  Everyone will work harder if they respect and know their boss and that they are just a regular person.  Another benefit is to have the cross interactions with people with different departments that may have not met prior to the team building activity.  These interactions can help build rapport between team members and will help put a face with a name for future interactions.  These interactions also boost morale and create engagement, instead of mundane computer work all day long.  This engagement helps to motivate individuals to work hard for their company and to feel a sense of pride.  These events also inspire collaboration and communication with the teamwork they instill.

Types of Events

A company BBQ is not what we are talking about here.  Team building should involve challenges, competitions, and time for others to get to know you.  Examples that are great are escape rooms, obstacle courses, bowling, scavenger hunts.  These organized puzzles or competitions will help you bond with your team and provide a fun culture.  The relationships that are built will provide a strengthened work force that has a passion for their profession.  Fostering relationships is also a great way to bring more job satisfaction.  You spend more time at work than you do with your family and it is always more satisfying to go to work with people you enjoy spending time with.

How to Include Everyone

As you perform teambuilding activities, you want to make sure everyone is included.  The point is to bring people out of the comfort zones and get them in an environment where they open up and take chances.  The activity should be mandatory and it should take place during work hours, to ensure that everyone is available.  Make sure the even you choose has a team component where everyone should have a role and a voice.  This will emulate how the workplace environment should be, where all people have a role and an opinion that is heard.  Make sure the team activity is given a brief at the beginning, so everyone knows what the goal of the event is to be.  Also, gather feedback at the end of the event to ensure that employees felt it was time well spent and ask what could be done to improve the event for the future.

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