Stress Comes In all Forms

Stress can occur in many forms and affect your life in numerous ways.  Knowing your triggers is a great way to minimize their power in your life.  The key to stress is to find ways you can limit their impact on your life. 

Family-related stress

This type of stress is a little less avoidable, since you are born into family.  Family is usually hard to avoid and you can’t just go out and find another family like you can a job. Therefore, it is imperative to limit your interactions with family members that cause you stress.  Be polite and shorten visits with relatives that cause you stress.  Make sure you remain calm and do not let them corner you or cause any undue stress.

Work-related stress

Stress in the workplace is very common and experienced by most of the population at a job or one point in time.  Stress while working long hours and short deadlines can lead to serious issues.  Competitiveness in the workplace can cause people to work harder than they are even capable of doing, which can lead to a breakdown in their body.  This type of stress is unhealthy and cannot occur for a long period of time without serious consequences.  It may be time for you to find another job.


So, what type of treatments are available if you should encounter stress and need a way to cope? There are many natural options available to you today.

  1. Music- Music can help soothe the body and the mind and should be selected by the individual listening to it.  Everyone has a different type of music that calms and relaxes their mind and this should be experimented with to determine what works for you.
  2. Essential oils- These natural oils can help your body soothe and relax.  There are many different types of oils that have a variety of important uses.  Most relaxing oils contain lavender or citrus oils like lemon or orange.
  3. Meditation- Practicing deep breathing techniques can help your body release the stress from the day and you may be able to calm yourself by taking some time out to allow your body to reset itself.
  4. Herbal remedies- There are many herbal remedies out there that don’t have the side effects encountered in traditional medicines.  Most remedies contain all-natural ingredients, like 5-HTP, Gingko, L-Theanine, and vitamins to help relieve your stress and anxiety symptoms.
  5. Acupuncture- There are ancient Chinese practices that can help reset your central nervous system and help you to overcome your stress symptoms and regain a sense of balance again.  They hit the appropriate receptors on your body that release stress and reset your neural pathways.

Stress is a part of life that cannot be avoided.  However, the steps you take to improve your overall life can truly make a difference.  When you make a few small changes to your everyday routine, you can reduce stressors that can take over your life. 

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