How to Achieve Personal Happiness

Happiness is a goal that many of us would like to achieve.  There always seem to be requirements for things that would make us happy.  If we only had more money, more free time, a better spouse, and more friends and we may actually be happy.  Putting these requirements on happiness could leave us unhappy for most of our lives.  We must learn how to be happy with the cards we have been dealt.

Believe in Yourself

Know what you are worth and make sure that you are not selling yourself short.  It is important that you know that you are able to achieve what you want if you put your mind to it.

Love What you Do

You should enjoy all that you do in life, but realize that you may not love every day.  Having a passion for what you do is imperative to happiness.  Having a mindset that is positive will ensure that you have a happy and successful day.

Be Thankful

Consider all that you do and all that you have and be thankful.  Focusing on the things that you are lacking will only cause you unhappiness.

Let Go

Many of us have suffered from unfairness and heartache.  How we deal with this pain and disappointment is what sets us apart.  Letting go of the past and moving forward is the best way to truly be happy.  Dwelling on the past and living with anger and resentment is detrimental to your health.

Live in the Moment

All of us have dreams that we hope for in the future.  However, if your dreams are causing you to feel frustration and unhappiness, it may be better to create short-term goals.  Living in the moment and being happy with what today has provided may be the best way to stay positive and happy in your life.


Being honest with yourself can be the hardest thing to do.  Realize what you want and need to have happiness in your life and ensure that you are getting it.  Do not settle or take less than you deserve.  Remember that you decide your goals in life and what you expect, and no one else can tell you exactly what will make you happy.

Stay Healthy

Consider the fact that health plays a huge role in your life and your mood.  If you are exercising and releasing endorphins you may just be feeling happiness already.  Eating well, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep should ensure that you are operating at your peak level.  Physical conditions correlate to mental conditions and should not be ignored.  If you treat your body well, it will treat you well.

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