How to Improve Yourself

It is a new year and hopefully a new and improved you.  We should all strive to be our best versions of ourselves.  We must continue to chose to improve ourselves each and every day and that can be challenging as we try and manage our families, careers, and friends.

Ways to Improve Team Meetings

Team meetings are never an exciting time for most in the business world.  These meetings can be regarded as time consuming and usually not very productive.  Getting a bunch of people in the same room with different views and different opinions and getting them to come together for one project and one vision can always be a challenge.  Here are some tips on how to create a more effective team meeting:

Accountability in Business

Accountability is the obligation of an organization or individual to accept responsibility for your actions.  As an individual, you must be held accountable for your own actions.  As an organization, you must have individuals that are honest and highly regarded in the business world.  When people are accountable for their actions and decisions, they can achieve great things in their business.