Careers in Need of Workers

Many of us plan on sending our kids to college to get a degree, because that is the standard path to success.  However, in this day and age, we are forgetting that many trades do not require a traditional degree and we are starting to see a drop in the number of tradesmen in the workforce.  Therefore, it may be time to consider other options for our children’s future.  The jobs below are in high demand and many do not require any formal training to obtain.

How to Find your Career

As you graduate from high school, you will hear over and over again the question of what do you want to do with your life?  This question is easy for some and can be hard for others.  It’s important to reflect on your interests and skills and determine which school is right for you and what specialized certification may be required to get to your ultimate career.

Career Exploration

Exploring careers is a normal part of life. We all get jobs that we think will satisfy us or at least pay the bills and then we are often met with disappointment.  At that point, it is time to reevaluate the career path you want to be a part of in your life.  Think about the aspects of your job that make you happy and the parts of your job that you could do without.

Career Change Tips

Changing your career path in the middle can be frightening, but rest assured many people can change their career successfully.  Usually career changes occur due to feelings of boredom and emptiness.  Below are some tips to help you get through the transition smoothly.

Work Life Balance

The juggling game between work and life can be extremely hard to keep in balance.  We may allow ourselves to be sucked into working by allowing ourselves to be available remotely.  Being on call is a way to interrupt your home life.  However, with the competitive job market and layoffs, it may seem as if you only have the option to work at a maximum level and no time for yourself.  Remember that no job is worth all of your life.

Purposeful Life

Many of us struggle to determine what our purpose is in life.  Discovering your life purpose will impact and shape how you live.  The trick is learning how to find your passions, so you can be fulfilled, content, and happy.  Self-awareness can be difficult to achieve, but once you crack into what makes you tick the limits are boundless.  Below are some ways to start your journey of discovery.


What is ethics?  Often times it depends on who you are and where you come from.  It is often thought of as a set of rules regarding what is wrong and what is right.  Everyone has a different line that they may be willing to cross given a certain situation or circumstance.  Ethics are not actual laws, because they are not black and white.  Most societal standards are ethical in nature, but society can become corrupt and unethical and still follow the law (i.e. slavery, Nazi Germany).