Using Social Media in a Healthy Manner

Social media is a wonderful way to stay connected with friends and family.  It is also a great way to get your news and information.  However, it can also be a place where fake news rears its ugly head.   It can also be a place of deception for many.  Learning that social media has its place in your life and limiting its presence is an important rule to follow.

Support a Healthy Community

Many times, people post things that you will disagree with.  Before you post a comment, consider if the statement you are going to make is true.  Think about if it is necessary for anyone else to see and the most important question is to determine if the comment is kind.  If none of these are true, then don’t make that comment.

Fact Check

Before you share information on social media, due your best to ensure the information is true and accurate.  The worst thing you can do is to spread misleading information.  Contributing to fake news is a serious problem on social media and something that should be carefully monitored.

Live in the Moment

Keep yourself aware in the moment.  Snap a picture or video for a few events, but don’t be stuck behind your camera/phone and miss the experience.  Also, don’t go to a wonderful event and stay stuck in your phone or you will miss out on life.

Don’t Compare

Remember that social media is a platform for people to share their best and happiest moments.  Many people don’t post a huge announcement about being broke, divorce, or unhappy moments.  Social media is for happy and fun news and even sometimes embellished news.  Be happy for others happiness and care for others sadness.  Social media is supposed to bring people together and not push them further apart.

Follow Happiness

Social media has a lot of good mixed in there with some bad.  Look for people to follow that make you feel good and happy.  Look for uplifting content that truly brings joy to your day. If you find content that makes you feel down, consider unfollowing.


Make sure to prioritize your time with friends and family and remember that social media will be there when you get back.  Nothing that huge will occur if you take a night off and just relax and spend time being social in real life.

Start your Day New

When you wake up, try and stay off social media.  Get up and meditate and spend some time slowly waking up and enjoying your morning.  It is often too early to get caught up in politics and world news.

Don’t Forget your Elders

Remember that not everyone is on social media. If you are having an event or party, remember to invite the social media-challenged group.  Phone calls and text messages can work just as well, but are even a bit more personal.  Also, don’t forget to print out pictures and send those out to your elders as well.

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