The Blessing of Responsible Behavior

The Blessing of Responsible Behavior

Think of it this way . . .                             

          If you really want to know all about a man, just observe his behavior with a woman, a flat tire, and/or a child. I believe that’s true, but you may also learn more than you wanted to know. May I suggest, too, that generally, proficient teachers teach as much, or more, by their behavior as by what they say.

         Even though we’re not completely aware of the impact our behavior may have on others, we cannot go about our daily lives without influencing them to some degree. Our influence doesn’t even stop when we die. It will continue as long as those who came in contact with us live and may very well continue on to still others whose lives they touched. We can all look back at some of the dumb things we did and regret how our actions may have influenced the lives of others.

Reason enough to be concerned. If it was embarrassing then, it probably still is.

          A great power for the fostering of good within our areas of influence is the power of responsible behavior. We may try to excuse our misbehavior before others by denying any responsibility for them, but that won’t work, because we

are “our brother’s keeper!” Jesus said, “Let your good deeds shine out for all to see.” Then add what Peter said: “Be careful to live properly among your neighbors; they will see your honorable behavior and give honor to God” (2 Pet. 2:12).

          There is good reason, then, for stressing the importance of a good example and how our influence may affect other’s lives. It is necessary to the beneficial production of civil progress and to a happy populace sharing and caring for one another in a safe, healthy climate.

  -John D.

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