Whose Hero Are You?

Whose Hero Are You?

Think of it this way . . .

We’ve always admired the heroes among us. There were so many when I was but a child and I thrived on the thrill of all those ‘good guys’ wearing white hats in the old-time Western movies: Tom Mix, Johnny Mac Brown, Hoppalong Cassidy, Jimmy Wakely, along with Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, of course (oops, telling my age). With time and experience behind me (way behind!), my concept of a hero has broadened.

To study closely the definition of the word is to acknowledge a host of folks who could qualify as true-blue heroes and heroines: first-responders, sincerely dedicated school teachers, soldiers, certain friends/neighbors, even strangers; those who care enough to protect the weak and hurting while still maintaining a noble and modest decorum.

This for instance, from a certain Tom Hooper:

           “My dad said, ‘The thing that I was told that was really helpful was

          that I mustn’t be afraid of the things I was afraid of when I was five

          years old.’ The shock of his childhood had put him in this defensive

          crouch against the world and he needed to know that he had a nice wife

          and kids and it wasn’t the same anymore.”

When you grow up and become responsible for the shaping and moral makeup of others in your care, and you commit to that by being the best example of courage and bravery you can be, then you will surely become a hero to others you’re close to (especially family and co-workers). Keep in mind this from Wendell Phillips: “Physical bravery is an animal instinct – moral bravery is a much higher and truer courage.”

Simply by wonderfully helpful actions you can beccome someone’s hero, and may you do so!

 -John D.

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