Tips on Compassion

Being a blessing to others, especially during this era can be vitally important.  Compassion is greater than the gift of empathy or sympathy.  Compassionate people don’t just feel empathy and sympathy, they are actively helping to alleviate suffering of others.  Their compassionate efforts can help those feelings turn into actions and actual solutions.

How to Love Deeply

There are many ways to show you love another human being; however, there is a difference between loving someone and loving deeply.  Buying loved one’s gifts can be a way to show you care, but you can do better and show you love them in a better, non-commercial way.

Accountability in Business

Accountability is the obligation of an organization or individual to accept responsibility for your actions.  As an individual, you must be held accountable for your own actions.  As an organization, you must have individuals that are honest and highly regarded in the business world.  When people are accountable for their actions and decisions, they can achieve great things in their business.

Trust in Business Relationships

All relationships are built on trust.  Trust is the responsibility imposed on a person in whom confidence or authority is placed.  Trust can be built slowly, but it can be broken in an instant.  In today’s competitive business market, you can’t afford to lose the trust of your customers.  If your customers doubt your credibility or question your business practices or motives, you may lose them forever.  Any business requires relationships and since relationships require trust, it is imperative that you create a bond with customers to keep them.  The trust built with one cu