The Reluctant Leader

     From what we can gather, how would you describe Moses? A dedicated follower of God? An unafraid and diligent leader of leaders? A larger-than-life enforcer of God’s laws (like Charlton Heston portrayed him in the movie)? Okay, but Moses objected to God’s appointing him! He was headstrong, easily upset, and quick to anger. Remember how he broke the two stone tablets that God had written on and then struck the rock for the water, instead of speaking to it as God had instructed? And, besides all that, he was a murderer! He killed an Egyptian for abusing a fellow Israelite and fled to hide from authorities.    

     This is the person that God, by His perfect insight, chose to lead the Israelite’s out of Egyptian slavery and into the good land promised to Abraham’s descendants. He was, indeed, a most reluctant candidate, but he loved God’s people and couldn’t help but respect and revere their God. He was lacking in self-confidence but trusted in God’s power and wisdom. He was often discouraged and disheartened, but he none-the-less recognized and accepted his own natural ability to be a leader for God. And he finished that role with a special finesse: when Jesus was transfigured on the mount, in front of some of His apostles, Moses and Elijah also appeared there, talking to Jesus!

     Here are my “take-aways” from the life of Moses:

Don’t give up on people, including yourself (God didn’t give up on Moses, Moses didn’t give up on the people, and he didn’t give up on himself).

Temper your emotions (losing one’s temper can lead to uncontrolled anger and disobedience to God).

We may mess up royally (as did Moses and King David; but if our heart is like David’s, things can be worked out in a good way).

When there are dire consequences to our ‘mess-ups’, buck-up and suffer through it.

We can all become good examples/leaders (like Moses) in our relations with others and help them to be better too.

-John Driggers (11/20/2023, V5 #47)

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